• Promote, protect and develop a sound freight forwarding and logistics industry, as the association may deem appropriate, in close cooperation and consultation with any government or non-governmental authority or the private sector.

  • Promote and enhance Sri Lanka as a regional and international logistics hub with a reputation for reliability, integrity and high standards by introducing best in class freight forwarding and logistics practice and management.

  • Represent, protect and promote the interests of Members and, enhance solidarity and mutual assistance between its members.

  • Organize trade events and promote members’ participation in commercial events organized by the association and by third parties.

  • Facilitate capacity building by promoting training and development of members and of their employees and of people interested in making freight forwarding and logistics a career.

  • Foster good relations with associations whose objectives are, directly or indirectly, similar to those set out above.

  • Improve the overall professional image of the freight forwarding and logistic industry.

  • Exchange information between industry stakeholders in order to improve the entire freight forwarding and logistic process.

  • Develop best practice industry standards in meeting the needs of consumers.

  • Carry out the general functions of a trade organization and to provide information for its members through electronic means, publications and of meetings and conferences.

  • Represent, promote and protect the interests of the industry by participating as advisors or experts in meetings of international bodies dealing with transportation.

Strategic Goals

Economic Vitality

Advance and expand the freight forwarding and logistics industry and support members’ efforts to strengthen economic vitality of the industry, businesses and communities they serve.


Support and advance freight forwarding and logistics by influencing and educating decision-makers at government and non-government level and assisting in shaping policies favorable to freight forwarding and logistics industry.


Improve the image of the freight forwarding and logistics industry.

People and Organizations

Encourage and facilitate capacity building through training and development, to enhance the strengths and the effectiveness of organizations and the industry.

Association Development

Strengthen SLFFA to serve better for its industry.

Association Development Strategies

  • Increase number of new members through targeted campaigns to identify and recruit viable prospect candidates.

  • Provide affordable and relevant conferences and programs.

  • Target promotion of conferences, committee activities, and leadership opportunities, to increase participation of SLFFA’s diverse membership.

  • Look for innovative opportunities to generate additional revenue consistent with adopted policy.

  • Use Web-based technologies for E-learning, and other member support services.

  • Provide specialized training opportunities for staff development.

  • Promote AITT programs within the Industry and the identified external groups.

  • Target strategic partnerships/affiliations for AITT.